Dr. Jodi-Anne M Smith
Dr. Jodi-Anne M Smith

Welcome to my website and blog around sustainability, peaceful living and health. As humans we experience a range of hurts and losses throughout our lives. These impact our ability to live joyously and peacefully. These hurts build up inside us if we do not know how to process them. When this occurs we build defense mechanisms to help us cope with the pain. These keep up ‘safe’ but also isolated from our hearts, from each other and the Earth. We lose our ability to feel deeply, to hear our intuition, to be supported by the Earth Mother and her love for us all. We end up feeling life is about survival and struggle, instead of peace and harmony. It is my joy to help people reconnect to their hearts, to the Earth and to their purpose – so that they too can be a messenger for peace and joyful living. With love and peace, Jodi-Anne


Jodi-Anne posts around 4 main blog categories.

  1. Sustainability - Click here for a Description; here for Archives
  2. Health - Click here for a Description; here for Archives
  3. Healing from Child Abuse - Click here for a Description; here for Archives
  4. Conscious Evolution - Click here for a Description; here for Archives


cuddle earthThe sustainability page of this website contains an exploration of the causes of unsustainable behaviours and ways to create behaviour change for sustainability. Jodi-Anne has specialised in this throughout her career and has published a wide range of research papers and findings. Details of her sustainability publications is provided. Some of these can be downloaded for free.

Self Help

Happiness is an inside job!
Happiness is an inside job!

The self help page of this website contains information on self help skills and techniques. These are techniques and activities that you can use in your daily life to deal with emotions, painful memories or challenges that you face. These are skills that you would normally learn as a part of a counselling or coaching process. I know not all people can afford to regularly see a Counsellor and some prefer to work through issues on their own. It is my hope that all people learn these emotional intelligence skills so that they can quickly move from a state of unrest to peace and happiness. I hope you find these self help techniques empowering and beneficial.


The Healing Journey Demystified: Achieving Sustainability One Heart at a Time.
The Healing Journey Demystified: Achieving Sustainability One Heart at a Time.

In 2011 I published a book about my healing journey. I explained the process of healing from child abuse using examples from throughout my life. There are many stages to work through and much that has to be learned so that you can release conditioning, create effective boundaries, and have healthy relationships with yourself and others. It takes time and effort to change negative self beliefs and release buried emotions and trauma. Doing this helps your body to transition from fight or flight into peace and harmony. The book contains my story but also advice on self help techniques you can use to support yourself on your journey. It also contains appendices showing how I used art and dream analysis as healing tools. I recommend these techniques to all as they are very powerful. The book can be purchased online as an e-book or a hard-copy book. For more information and to purchase it click here. It is my hope that this book helps others to progress more quickly along their healing journey, that through my sharing they understand the process and feel inspired to take action. You truly can break free of the past. It is possible and it is so worth it!

Online Courses

I plan to create a range of online courses that will help you to help yourself to peace and happiness. I teach a range of personal development courses face to face that I will translate into online programs. Stay tuned for further developments!

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations Jodi-Anne. This page is simply beautiful, offering easy to digest suggestions to turn the hurts around and create conscious heart sustainability! xxx

  2. Hi Jodi
    Feelings are like children the more you ignore them the more stuff they do to be acknowledged. You are a great feeler and I believe this is what takes you through this path. Another great connection is opened with the start of this website and I am rejoicing. Hip hip hooray to you Jodi xxx

    1. That’s a beautiful analogy Paola, and so true. All Emotions need to be loved and accepted. Thankyou for your kind words and all your beautiful facebook posts on loving, heart filled parenting. I look forward to sharing conscious parenting material as part of the blog. xxx

  3. You are awesome Jodi-Anne! There is so much information here and all of it useful. What a gift you are! xx

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