IMG_2305Jodi-Anne share messages and insights on how to move from depression and pain to peace and happiness. She has walked this journey and is delighted to assist others to do the same. She wishes all beings find peace within, so that we can have peace worldwide.

Jodi-Anne is in the process of compiling information on the modalities she favours and will open to seeing clients again in late-2016. She will use a combination of Psych-K, Family Constellations and John of God Crystal Light Bed Treaments as the main part of her offerings. Stay tuned for more info late-2016.

Life Insights

God sunriseJodi-Anne has channeled answers to many questions about life – our purpose, how to heal and enjoy our time on Earth. These answers are available for FREE on the ‘Life Insights’ page of this website.


Quick and easy reprogramming of subconscious beliefs.
Psych-K – a process to balance subconscious beliefs from negative ones to life affirming and supportive ones. Release trauma and self sabotage by programming your subconscious mind to help you achieve your current goals, not your old ones. A very simple, but powerful process to rewrite the programs that run your life. 90-95% of brain activity is occurring subconsciously. It trumps your conscious mind and will power, which is only 5%. Align both your conscious and subconscious mind to achieve your goals more easily, effortlessly and peacefully.

family constellationFamily Constellations

Family Constellations – a process to clear out blocks to love in family lines, release trauma and allow harmony within family systems. Inherited pain and trauma can be released allowing entanglements with the past to be forgotten and the future focused upon a fresh.


Crystal Light Bed Treatments

crystalbed - all colours


John of God Crystal Light Bed Treatments – A device designed to harmonise body, mind and soul, releasing blockages and balancing chakras, meridians and organs to a state of health and happiness.


Facebook page

peaceJodi-Anne shares channeled messages about life, personal development conscious evolution and healing on her facebook page ‘Jodi-Anne’s insights to peace and happiness’.

What is shared on her facebook page includes quotes, videos and articles by other authors, as well as Jodi-Anne’s own blogs.

This website does not contain all of this material. It mostly contains Jodi-Anne’s own blogs and information.

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