Book – The healing journey demystified

Jodi-Anne’s book on healing from child abuse – ‘The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time’

In 2011 Jodi-Anne published a book about her healing journey. She explained the process of healing from child abuse using examples from throughout her life. There are many stages to work through and much that has to be learned so that you can release conditioning, create effective boundaries, and have healthy relationships with yourself and others. It takes time and effort to change negative self beliefs and release buried emotions and trauma. Doing this helps your body to transition from fight or flight into peace and harmony. The book contains her story but also advice on self help techniques you can use to support yourself on your journey. It also contains appendices showing how she used art and dream analysis as healing tools. Jodi-Anne recommends these techniques to all as they are very powerful. The book can be purchased online as an e-book or a paperback book. It is her hope that this book helps others to progress more quickly along their healing journey, that through her sharing they understand the process and feel inspired to take action. You truly can break free of the past. It is possible and it is so worth it!