Messages from YOUR soul

You can request Jodi-Anne to tune into your energy and request any messages from your soul that are in line with your highest good. This is NOT clairvoyant prediction. It is just a message from your soul about your life, what is occurring and any advice on what is needing to be done to best navigate through any challenges you are currently facing.

Sometimes your soul will provide a detailed message relating to specific situations, at other times only a short, general message. It depends on what it feels you most need to know at this time.

Send your name, date of birth, and the suburb/country you live in and Jodi-Anne will tune in to receive the messages. You can ask up to 3 questions along with the general message to be received.

Again, this is NOT clairvoyant prediction, it is your soul providing insights into situations to help you understand things from a higher perspective.


Mary Abbott, 12/03/1973, Scottsdale, UK

Qu 1: Why do I feel stuck?

Qu 2: Why am I unable to let go of my past boyfriend?

Qu 3: How can I forgive him and let him go?

Messages are channeled and as such the information received cannot be altered and funds will not be returned if you do not like what you receive. (If you are unhappy discuss it with your soul!)

Cost $25 AUS. Delivery timeframe – usually less than 1 week. Format will vary, it may be a recorded message or a typed message. It will be emailed to you.

To place your order

  1. Simply pay for your message using a credit card or paypal account by clicking on the Buy Now button.
  2. Complete the contact form on this page, including details of your payment (receipt number or time/date paid) and submit the form
  3. Jodi-Anne will be in touch by email once she has channeled your message.

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