Family Constellations Workshops

A 1 day workshop on family constellations, allowing direct interaction with the field to gain insights into issues and heal blocks to love in your family system. Whether you choose to do a constellation yourself or be present to participate as a representative in others constellations, you will receive healing from exposure to the energy, the love and to stories that relate to your own life.

The human story is all very similar, lots of us have the same pains from lack of love or attention from parents, abandonment, early deaths of loved ones, accidents or disappointments in life. A constellation can be done on any issue to gain insight into the underlying dynamics and enable shifts to occur, to enable love to flow more freely.

Cost: Constellations $100, Representatives $50

Venue: Meadows, address to be provided upon booking

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm                Date: Occurring regularly. Next date Sat 28th Oct 2017.

Bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch.

To express an interest in upcoming workshops, to ask any questions or to book contact Jodi-Anne using the below contact form or call on 0416 089 600.