Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils  are pure, unadulterated, organic essential oils designed to have therapeutic impacts. They don’t just smell good, they support your health and wellbeing.

How fast do oils work

Young Living is an international company committed to providing high quality products to assist individuals and families to live a fruitful life, one that is chemical free and full of health and vitality.

They provide a range of other products such as chemical free cleaning and beauty products, all based on essential oils. They also have supplements and a health food range to help maximise wellness.

Young Living has its own foundation providing assistance to the poor and needy around the world. They build homes in disaster stricken areas, plant trees in remote areas and much more. See the below video for examples of this generous work they do around the globe.

I use Young Living as i’m committed to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, doing as little harm to the planet as I can while still living a comfortable, enjoyable life.

Young Living products have helped increase my energy levels, calm my emotions and nervous system. I’m using essential oils that can help support my endocrine and reproductive systems as i’m hoping to have a baby soon. There are so many ways that Young Living products can be used to assist with wellness.

I thoroughly recommend them. If you decide you would like to try them, i’d happily help you sign up – my Enroller ID is 13292081. When you buy a Premium Starter Kit with my Enroller/Sponsor ID, I become your mentor to help you with your Young Living Journey. May you have health and happiness no matter what you choose.

Love and blessings, Jodi-Anne

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