Jodi-Anne is an educator of conscious living which includes living j-a-crystal-bedfrom the heart, in passion and connection with Earth, self and others. It is from this space of connection to Source, to all that is, that she brings through insights to peace and happiness, to help herself and others find their way back to wholeness.

She has walked the path of being a broken mess, clinging to life for fear of the depths of pain she felt inside, to standing in the sunshine, dancing in the rian and knowing that all is truly okay.

She has walked the healing journey and discovered the tools and techniques that make the process a little easier to endure. She now shares these insights to help others walk their path to wholeness and happiness, to self love and acceptance.

Jodi-Anne enjoys sharing the messages of her soul,  which flow through her channelled messages. She is a simple person liking simple things and wanting to live a simple life. She does not believe anyone needs healing or rescuing, they just need support to find their own way through the darkness in their own time, in their own unique way.

Jodi-Anne is prepared to be that guide, that cheer squad, walking beside others cheering them on as they face their dark times and their light filled times. She knows each person has to do the work. There is no shortcut, no magic bullet or magic wand. We have to feel and go through our emotional density, our baggage to release it and reclaim our lightness, our innocence and beauty, which we each have inside. Once the density is released we are free to be our true self, living from the heart with connection to all things, seeing beauty and joy everywhere, even in the challenges which we move through with greater ease and grace, since we no longer fight or resist what is. We surrender to and trust life, to guide us forth to embody our higher self on Earth.

If this sounds like a path you would like to work, Jodi-Anne is willing to be your guide, mentor, teacher along the way. She gains her inspiration from Spirit who provide her with messages and insights on what is needed for the highest good of those she interacts with.

The healing journey is not an easy path or one for the light-hearted, it needs commitment to go within, feel and heal all that is in separation from love and the courage to finally let yourself be seen and loved for who you really are. You are beautiful and you are enough just as you are. You just have to believe it and embody it. You can and you will. So be it. Amen.

Posts about Jodi-Anne

Jodi-Anne provides a lot of information for free. If you find it useful and would like to support her efforts you can donate here. This helps her be able to spend more time producing useful information to help people find peace and happiness.

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