Jodi-Anne is a Healing Facilitator, Counsellor, and Consciousness Educator focused on helping people to heal and find inner peace and happiness. She started life with painful experiences and has been on a long journey of healing to return to self love, peace, and happiness.

Jodi-Anne is the author of two books – The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time’ and her most recent book Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’. These books are written to help people understand how to heal and support themselves as they do.

JMS books Gold Buddha

Jodi-Anne shares what she has learned and utilises a range of modalities to assist clients to heal and find inner peace. Appointments can be done in person in Meadows, South Australia or online via phone, Skype, Messenger, or Zoom.

Crystal Light BedShe specialises in Family Constellations: an approach for releasing trauma, blocked emotions and burdens you may be carrying from your ancestors. Unprocessed trauma affects the DNA and is passed on to the next generation for them to heal. Your challenges may not be your own doing – they may not have come from your experiences, that is why traditional therapy can’t heal it all. You need to delve into family history to identify any entanglements and intergenerational trauma that is affecting the person.

Jodi-Anne uses a Crystal Light Bed to help raise the vibration of clients and lift off emotional density. The clear quartz crystals pulse coloured light into the chakras, filling the body with energy for it to balance itself and release that which no longer serves it.

YL emotionsJodi-Anne is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils which can support the body through emotional release and to balance up into wellness. There are many specific oils that benefit someone focused on personal growth and healing. Jodi-Anne uses Young Living Essential Oils with clients, sells dilutions of oils for clients to use at home, and also mentors those who sign up to Young Living under her sponsor / enroller ID (13292081). Jodi-Anne is a passionate advocate for Young Living Essential Oils as she has experienced how they can help the body relax out of fight and flight, release trauma, and come to a place of peace. They are a great complement to the psychological and spiritual work that is a part of the healing journey.

Jodi-Anne has survived a painful start to life, parental divorce, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and more. She has overcome these to live her life and enjoy it. She lives near Adelaide, South Australia with her long term partner Gary and their cat Bu. She hopes to become a Mum soon and to raise her children in a loving and supportive environment.

Jodi-Anne has worked as an Environmental Educator and Environmental Health Officer, a Leadership and Change Management Consultant, a Corporate and Strategic Planner, and a University Researcher and Lecturer. She has a PhD in obtaining behaviour change for sustainability, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Health), a Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management, and a Diploma in Professional Counselling (Abuse).

Jodi-Anne loves to learn and share her insights. She channels messages of hope and guidance which are available for free on her Life Insights page of this website. She also has a Healing from Child Abuse page containing free resources to assist people to move out of pain and into love. It is her hope that all people find inner peace and happiness, so that we can have peace on Earth and a more sustainable way of living and being, with respect for all beings and the planet.

I hope you enjoy the information here and find it useful. Blessed BE. Amen.


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Jodi-Anne provides a lot of information for free. If you find it useful and would like to support her efforts you can donate here. This helps her be able to spend more time producing useful information to help people find peace and happiness.

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